All our services are offered online or in-house. Learning and development programs can be solely made up of online services such as coaching, profile instrument debriefing and small group facilitation or have a mixed delivery using in-person, in-house delivery. 

For Individuals, Leaders, Teams and Organisations

Polaris Coaching enables positive change in people and organisations, through professional facilitation, executive coaching and development programs. Polaris has extensive experience working across private and public sectors, with boards, senior executives, individuals and teams, to drive high-performance and deliver tangible results.


Polaris helps individuals, teams and organisations focus on what is important, what needs to change and what will make the biggest difference.  We understand in a world with so many distractions and competing priorities it can be difficult to take the time to identify what needs your focus and then commit to it. The Polaris team is skilled at assisting you to focus.


Once you have identified and committed to a focus, the Polaris team can work with you to plan and implement the path towards your goals. Knowing the direction you want to take, identifying next steps, understanding your blockers and enablers and committing to an action plan are all important in successful direction setting.


Polaris partners with participants to achieve results through high levels of engagement and focused learning. The processes and methodologies are carefully designed and monitored to ensure active engagement in the learning process, whether it is a tailored program for an individual or an end to end leadership program for a group of leaders.

Learning and Development Programs

Polaris designs and delivers effective end-to-end leadership programs and team development programs by utilising all aspects of its expertise – coaching, 360s, facilitation, experiential methodologies and profiling instruments.


Leadership Development

Polaris has extensive experience working across private and public sectors to lift leadership capability and embed optimal behaviours… 


Team Development

Polaris harnesses the talents and abilities of diverse teams to deliver strategic value for organisations…


Polaris provides facilitation services to teams and groups to ensure your meetings and workshops are on track and achieve the outcomes you seek.
We establish and maintain an effective process, introduce and use tools relevant to the content and situation, ensure communication is conducted in an appropriate manner, capture and make accessible the relevant content, and ensure an efficient and effective flow of information.


Strategic Planning

Polaris has specific tools and processes to help you and your team work through your strategy and deliver a comprehensive strategic plan.

Team Development Workshops

Polaris can facilitate training and development of your team through targeted workshops designed to respond to your team’s needs.

Team Meetings

Polaris can help you focus on your people and content by facilitating a team meeting for you. We introduce and use models and tools that ease the meeting process ensuring outcomes are achieved.


Polaris provides expert coaching to help individuals reach their professional goals and enhance their performance.


Executive Coaching

Polaris works with talented individuals and team members across all levels to build on strengths and maximise opportunities for success. Clarify your development needs and goals, create a plan for action and stay motivated with an experienced corporate coach… 

Communication Coaching – The Leading Voice

In today’s workplace, how we communicate has a significant impact on the quality and success of our work…

Individual and Career Coaching

Polaris works one-on-one with individuals, providing executive coaching and career coaching to enable focus, direction and results…

Profile Instruments

Developing a better understanding of your thinking patterns, communication style, strengths and weaknesses can lead to greater effectiveness in the workplace.

The Polaris team is accredited in using a number of profiling tools and approaches to better understand executive thinking and behaviour, and experienced in helping leaders undergo the process and understand results.


Human Synergistics

Human Synergistics 360 Degree Feedback Tool (LSI). The LSI is based on the idea that in order to understand what we do, we need to first identify the thoughts and feelings that motivate us. This tool addresses underlying thinking patterns and self-perceptions, helping you to change the way you see yourself and others, for improved behaviour and effectiveness…

link to Human Synergistics

Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment Tool (MBTI). Suitable for developing your team or an individual, the MBTI is a self-report questionnaire designed to make Jung’s theory of psychological types understandable and useful in everyday life. The information helps you better understand yourself and appreciate personalities and styles different to your own…

link to Myers Briggs

Team Management Systems

Team Management Systems Team Management Profile (TMP). The TMP is a psychometric profiling tool for personal, team and leadership development. The TMP is about learning and identifies eight core activities mapped against four work preference measures which combine to create an individual’s unique Team Management Profile…

link to Team Management Systems



The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). HBDI is a system to measure and describe the general thinking and understanding preferences in people…

link to Herrmann



The Belbin Team Inventory (BTI). Belbin is a team-based personality test, designed to measure preference for nine potential team-based roles. The inventory assesses how an individual behaves in a team environment and includes 360 degree feedback from observers as well as an individual’s own evaluation of their behaviour contrasted with their colleagues…

link to Belbin

The Leading Voice

The Leading Voice program helps you to establish a personal brand, build presentation skills, pitch and sell concepts to clients, negotiate effectively and deliver confident, engaging messages for greater workplace success. The Leading Voice can be delivered as:

  • a tailored program based on your individual needs with one-on-one coaching,
  • tailored workshops for teams, or
  • tailored team workshops followed by one-on-one coaching.

End-to-End Leadership Program

Leaders are empowered through active, immersive programs, structured around the needs of your business. Features of the program can include:

  • an initial strategy session to determine your needs and goals,
  • a 360º feedback tool and assessment with guided feedback,
  • individual and team coaching, and
  • the leadership workout – a challenging, engaging, inspiring and fulfilling experiential offsite.

I am indebted to coaching for providing the framework for self-discovery and connection. I am continuing to refine my values, brand and purpose, which will allow me to make brave and disruptive decisions, if required, in all facets of life.

Caroline McConnachie

General Manager, MAXbuild

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