Our Clients


I would recommend Jen’s coaching to any company that truly values their people and desires to develop them in leadership and life.

Susan de Burgh

Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Bayer

Our Clients

Jennifer’s individual and team corporate coaching experience includes clients such as Bayer Australia, NSW Healthshare, Deloitte, Macquarie Bank, QBE, Virgin Mobile, Rabo Bank, NSW Legal Aid, Laing O’Rourke, Sydney Trains, Richard Crookes Construction, Australian Insurance Law Association, Quinton Anthony, National Association of Women in Construction, Sedgwick,  Commonwealth Bank, MLC, APRA and Optus SingTel.


I recommend Polaris to any organisation who wants to invest in their leaders. The program has had a significant impact on our business, we have a whole new frame of reference regarding leadership and a more constructive corporate perspective.

Alicia Mack

Former Head of Digital Marketing , Virgin Mobile

Jen is an expert in her field and guides the conversations gently with purpose, always driving to an outcome. I believe a good coach is someone who helps you realize those inner truths you already know about yourself; your desires, motivators, goals, strengths, weaknesses and habits. Jen was masterful in observing and pinpointing certain behaviours, and by consciously articulating and talking them through with Jen, I found I was able to make these things tangible, carve out a development pathway and hold myself accountable.

Danielle Johnson

Executive Officer, eHealth, NSW

I am indebted to coaching for providing the framework for self-discovery and connection. I am continuing to refine my values, brand and purpose, which will allow me to make brave and disruptive decisions, if required, in all facets of life.

Caroline McConnachie

General Manager, MAXbuild

Jen’s style and approach suits the property, construction and engineering sectors which we work in. I have happily recommended Jen to clients with confidence that she will deliver.

Sophie Schaedel

Managing Director, Quinton Anthony Consulting

I would absolutely recommend Polaris Coaching. The wisdom and coaching from Jen have inspired me to find my strengths and weaknesses and to look at things from another angle. I have a new job as Supply and Commercial Quality lead to build and lead a small team. I don’t believe that I would have been able to make it this far without Jen’s help.

Jerry Chen

Supply and Commercial Quality Lead, Imaxeon

The Polaris team worked with us across multiple layers, with myself individually, with my leadership team and the next level of leadership below that. The excellent part about that was the flexibility of the Polaris team to work on those different levels.

David Scribner

Former Head of Virgin Mobile

I would recommend Jen’s coaching to any company that truly values their people and desires to develop them in leadership and life.

Susan de Burgh

Regulatory Affairs, Bayer

I am more courageous and able to voice my opinions well. This was a valuable journey in my life. I will always remember my coach and her positive contributions in my professional journey.

Shanthi Vijayakumar

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Phebra Pharmaceuticals