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I am more courageous and able to voice my opinions well. This was a valuable journey in my life. I will always remember my coach and her positive contributions in my professional journey.

Shanthi Vijayakumar

Regulatory Affairs Manager, Phebra Pharmaceuticals

Executive Coaching

Polaris works with talented individuals and teams across all levels to build on strengths and maximise your opportunities for success. Clarify your development needs and goals, create a plan for action and stay motivated with an experienced corporate coach.

For today’s leaders and executives, coaching is a key tool for building leadership capability and taking the next step in your career.

Polaris provides expert coaching to help you reach your professional goals and enhance your performance. Through the coaching process, Polaris helps you identify your unique needs and challenges, applying a proven framework for setting new goals and identifying next steps. With executive coaching, you can focus on what you want to achieve, uncover what’s getting in your way and create a plan to reach your full potential.

Your current behaviours and thinking got you where you are today. However, effective coaching can be the catalyst and guide you need to succeed in the future. Whether you’re managing a new role or promotion, making changes in your career, dealing with stress or developing new skills, executive coaching can bring about profound changes in thinking and behaviour.

Polaris works with talented individuals and teams across all levels to build on strengths and maximise your opportunities for success. Clarify your development needs and goals, create a plan for action and stay motivated with an experienced corporate coach.


Individuals may seek executive coaching to help with:

  • a newly appointed leadership role
  • challenging peer relationships
  • adapting to change
  • prioritising and managing workload
  • handling difficult conversations
  • being more proactive in networking and self-promotion

Communication Coaching

For Leaders and Executives

In today’s workplace, how we communicate has a significant impact on the quality and success of our work. Delivering engaging presentations and meaningful messages are all essential to effective leadership. As a leader, what you say and how you say it matter. Your personal presentation, voice, behaviours, body language, delivery and conduct all influence your personal brand and communication style.

The Leading Voice

Polaris helps individuals and organisations develop a leading voice in personal and corporate communications. The Leading Voice program helps you to establish a personal brand, build presentation skills, pitch and sell concepts to clients, negotiate effectively and deliver confident, engaging messages for greater workplace success.

Why develop a Leading Voice?

  • to build an authentic leadership brand, establish trust and foster greater rapport with your team, colleagues and stakeholders,
  • to engage others in your vision, command attention and captivate your audience,
  • to meet the leadership demands and requirements of your role and workplace,
  • to transform challenging conversations and negotiations into opportunities, and
  • to improve client pitches, everyday conversations and deliver better business results.

Who is the Leading Voice for?

The Leading Voice is for leaders and executives who want to:

  • develop a confident voice and presenting style. Stay composed when under pressure and communicate clearly, without relying on notes and PowerPoint,
  • understand the function and power of body language, gesture and positioning in communicating and how to use it effectively,
  • build an authentic personal brand and harness it to create memorable and positive impressions,
  • connect with your audience, deliver persuasive messages and create meaningful dialogue using active listening techniques,
  • build interaction and engage with difficult audiences,
  • utilise mindset and awareness to effectively manage and optimise challenging conversations, and
  • effectively manage pitches, business events and key meetings to deliver greater value for your business day-to-day.

Delivering the Leading Voice for your organisation

Using both one-on-one and group exercises, Polaris collaborates with you to tailor the Leading Voice according to participants’ individual needs and your organisational objectives. The Leading Voice can be delivered as:

  • a tailored program based on your individual needs with one-on-one coaching,
  • tailored workshops for teams, or
  • tailored team workshops followed by one-on-one coaching.

Whether for yourself, your team or your organisation, the Leading Voice provides a process and framework to help build exceptional communication skills and strengths. 

Consider the benefits of a Public Speaking Competition in your organisation

Polaris has partnered with the Australian Insurance Law Association to deliver a public speaking competition, since 2012.

It is a competition to assist young insurance industry professionals to develop their public speaking skills.
Participants also benefit by raising their profile, speaking publicly on an insurance topic of their choice and meeting peers and luminaries from the insurance industry. Additionally, there are a number of prizes awarded including the Ron Shorter Memorial Award trophy.

Twenty applicants from each participating State are selected to attend the intensive public speaking training workshops and they apply the skills they have learnt to deliver a two-minute presentation on the topic they set out in their application. A panel of judges select three finalists who receive further one-on-one training and compete in the final, in their State.

At the finals, the participants present for 15 minutes on their nominated topic to an audience of 80-100 peers and luminaries from across the insurance industry and a panel of high profile industry representatives.

Individual and Career Coaching

Coaching for Individuals & Career Transitions

Polaris works one-on-one with individuals, providing executive and career coaching to enable focus, direction and results. Clarify needs, set clear goals and navigate the path to a new level of achievement and personal satisfaction with one-on-one coaching.

Return To Work & Career Coaching for Parents

Polaris provides family-friendly programs and flexible work strategies to help working parents manage successful careers. Polaris empowers working parents and employers with the resources to manage family and career through our Career After Kids forums, Parental Transition service and coaching services.